Thursday, May 19, 2011

28 weeks down...

12 weeks to go :) I'm really not counting down, much, but I can hardly believe that I'm in the first week of the 3rd trimester. It goes by SO much faster the 2nd time around... I LOVE being pregnant, but I'm so looking forward to meeting my little girl. And mostly I'm excited for my daughter to finally meet her sister. I'm nervous at how she'll react at first, not being the only child anymore... They will be 3 months shy of being 3 years apart. Part of the reason there's such a big age gap is b/c I was always so scared of having another kid. I liked giving my firstborn all my attention. :) BUT after much talk, prayer and desire for a baby, we dove in and now here we are, very excited to have another newborn in our house.

photo from baby gaga.

My cravings haven't really changed, I can't have enough chocolate. :) My heartburn has gotten progressively worse. I keep tums by my bedside and eat it like candy. I'm avoiding eating a lot of things that aggravate my heartburn, like coffee, sodas, acidic foods...

I am loving the sweet baby kicks and punches... My tummy moves around all over when she starts and I think it's awesome! I love it. :)

I have no pictures this week, I'm slacking. lol I'll take some later on today or this weekend...

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  1. Woohoo! We're due very close together and I can't WAIT until our babies arrive!

    One thing that has helped me (but I'm a weird pregnancy case!) is applesauce...for some reason if I eat one of those kiddie sized cups before I go to bed I sleep a LOT better. Weird, I know, but I haven't had any heartburn since I started eating applesauce late at night. Of couse, my doctor told me to eat it because I was getting light-headed, not because of heartburn, but that was a bonus side affect :) Hopefully you'll find something that works for you!