Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little helper

My little girl LOVES to help mommy and daddy. Anytime I'm cleaning she wants to help, and I of course let her. Whenever I'm sweeping the house, she grabs her little broom that nana gave her and helps me sweep. She gets so proud of herself, it's so sweet. Then when I get cleaning done she says "good job mommy"...

This past week we got our new furniture in from Ikea, we had to put it together. I was in charge of getting all the drawers put together, a very hard task when you're 6 months pregnant. lol But it was fun and such a great feeling of accomplishment when we finished. Our room is looking great, all that's left now is decorating.
Anyways, as I worked, I had a very cute little helper by my side. She got SO excited to help, I showed her where to put some of the screws and she was so proud of herself. I love those moments with my sweet girl.


  1. how sweet! when she gets a little bigger you'll have to take her to the Lowes Build & Grow (that's FREE!) or the free one that Home Depot does. the kids get a whole kit and they get to "build" a project! last week my cousins made birdhouses and this week we're going to make flower pots for my aunt (their mom!) I'm sure your daughter would LOVE these projects...and just to let you know, they say the kids should be in 1st grade to do the projects, but my cousins are 3.5 and 5.5 :)

  2. How cute! (And M has that same green shirt :)