Thursday, May 12, 2011

27 weeks

I can't believe how close I am to the 3rd trimester. This has just flown by! I'm both excited and nervous. I LOVE being pregnant, aches and all. I'll miss the sweet baby kicks the most. BUT I am so excited to meet my baby girl. Most of all, I'm excited for her to meet her big sister.

The other day, big sister came to me, pointed to my belly and said "that's my baby sister in mommy's belly" :) And this past week or so she'll come hug me and then rub my belly. Is that not the sweetest thing?!!? :) I have a framed ultrasound picture from my pregnancy w/ my first daughter. She sat in front of it and just stared and kept saying, "baby sister".. I let her think that was baby sister. lol I think it's amazing she remembers seeing baby sister's ultrasound 10 weeks ago.

My cravings are still the same, chocolate, coke and mexican :) I've been avoiding junk food, but sometimes it's hard! I'm also trying to limit my carb intake. Which is also hard. My #1 addiction is cheetos, which I refuse to buy b/c I will eat the entire bag in one sitting. I've been avoiding coffee (that is a task in itself) and sodas and other stuff b/c I have been getting really bad heartburn. Tums sits next to me in bed.. lol
AND I have been working out daily, per doctor's orders :) For the most part I do the stationary bike for 20 minutes a day. Sometimes I try to do more. And then I'll use our stepper, not daily, but I try to do it the most I can. That one kicks my butt and I can barely handle 5 minutes. I have to force myself to do 5 minutes, with lots of breaks. lol I need to do that one more b/c it clearly is a better work out for me. lol


  1. It was brought up last week at my lamaze class that all of the mommas to be wanted Mexican food ALL of the must be a universal pregnancy craving :)

  2. lol that's funny! It's the best craving ever. :)