Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Being productive

SO this week I started with a purpose. To be a better mom, spending more time doing activities with my daughter and not watch so much TV. I also want to spend more time cleaning and keeping the house clean. Yesterday was a really good day, we'll see how today goes. It leads to a more exhausting day for me, but my sweet girl had a great day. We even went to play outside. :)

What do you think of my art work!? :)

So on Sunday I started freaking out a bit b/c I'm a week away from my 3rd trimester and we have done NOTHING to prepare for baby's arrival. It's much more relaxed the 2nd time around. lol I have been buying her some outfits here and there, but other than that, nothing. There are several things that need to happen before she comes. The girls will be sharing a room, so we need to get my oldest daughter into a twin bed and get the crib she's in ready for the baby. There's more stuff that needs to be done to the room, but it'll be easier to figure out once the furniture is all in. We have a twin bed that my husband is staining, so hopefully that will be done soon. We also need to organize our office. My husband and I share a work space in our 3rd bedroom. He is an artist, you can only imagine how much stuff we both have. It's almost impossible to keep the room clean b/c we both have so much!!! Lastly I need to turn our front room into a playroom. The room is made of windows. The bottom half of the wall is red brick, the top half of the 3 walls are all windows, 9 panels. There is no 4th wall, it's french doors that lead to the dining room. I want the windows covered b/c I don't want the outside world looking in to see my girls playing in there. SO at the moment, due to friends' suggestions, I am thinking of getting tension rods to put inside the window frame and then making my own little curtains. That's 9 curtains, yikes! I'm hoping to get that done w/in the next week... I already started moving toys into the room.

Part of the room

SO this has been my week so far. I've been trying to do something productive each day. I want to end each day knowing that I've accomplished something. And it feels SO good! I am where the Lord wants me, where I wanted to be, I'm a stay at home mommy. I am in charge of raising my daughter (soon to be daughters) and it's a very humbling task. I want to be a good role model for them, in every area. And if they see me slacking off or being lazy, that's not teaching them properly. I have been praying hard that I can be the mom God wants me to be.

Hope everyone has a productive week!! :)

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  1. This sounds so exciting! We did a lot for our baby about a month ago...but since then we've done NOTHING! HA! I will tell you that a cheat way of making curtains is to use sheets :) Good luck and can't wait to see how everything turns out!