Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mommy corner

This past week brought on another moment when I realized I no longer had a baby, but a toddler (she's almost 22 months). I had to change the sheets on her crib and the bumper pads always irritate me. So I took them off, for good. I didn't feel she needed them anymore. It hasn't been a problem. Which leads me to my next thought.. Her crib mattress is so low that it's hard for me to put her in bed over the side. Her crib side doesn't move up or down, so I always have to lean in to put her there or take her out. She has been waking up at least once a night crying and I'm beginning to wonder if maybe she'd be better off if we converted her crib to a bed.

How old were your kids when you got rid of the crib?

We also got rid of her changing table (another milestone for me). She is really long and kept bumping her head on the table. Plus she hated being up there. So I decided it wasn't worth it, took the table out of her room, which freed up some space. Now we change her on my bed. Which sometimes is a chase the baby around the bed kinda thing, but it works. :)

Some cute things she's being doing:
- Last night, I was cooking dinner and she likes to be on top of me, which I don't like b/c I don't like her in the kitchen while I'm cooking. so I gave her a choice, watch a movie or play in her room. She ran to her room and grabbed her pots and pans. :)

- I have toy cars (I love cars) and she always asks to play with them. The girl loves cars, just like her mommy.

- We have the year pass to the zoo. We recently went and she fell in love with the elephants. Anytime she sees pictures of them she goes nuts. So last time we went out I bought her a stuffed elephant. Now she sleeps with it. :) We named her Ellie Elephant

- She wakes up most mornings, before she even opens her eyes and asks for "pizza". If I ask her what she wants to eat, "Pizza". She's got some Italian in her :)

- She loves any paper and any writing utensil. She calls them both "paper". She loves to color. I guess it's in her blood since daddy is an artist.

I love motherhood and watching her grow and learn new things.


  1. I'm wondering when the right time is too ... my daughter is almost 22 months. I'm ready for her to be out of the crib but I wanna wait until she's ready and not do it too early! Oh! Decisions, decisions.

  2. My son was out of the crib super early. I'm thinking it was around 18 months maybe? He started climbing out at a very early age ;-) I'm hoping to keep Miss Savannah in there a bit longer!!!

    We have a zoo pass too, although we avoid it during the summer. Too hot! I can't wait to start going again when it cools off.

  3. We go to the summer when it's hot and hang out in the splash park...

    thankfully my little girl hasn't figured out how to jump out of her bed yet. :)

  4. I just changed Ava's (at 23 months) and it has been so great! I can sit with her in her bed and read and sing to her and she will fall asleep. She has also slept better. It was a pleasant surprise! We were hesitant and decided to try it with the thought we could always change it back- but we haven't. At first when she woke up in the mornings, she wouldn't want to get out of her bed- scared I guess, so I had to go get her, but now, when she wakes up at 6:00 (yuck!) she comes and crawls in bed with us until I have to get up at 7:00- it has been so nice!