Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mommy Corner

Isn't it amazing to watch your baby turn into this little toddler?! My "baby" is 21 months old. She just constantly amazes me in everything she does. She learns things so quick, even by just observing.

You know, there are no secrets in the house that has a toddler. She is starting to repeat everything we say (or do) so we really gotta watch ourselves.

It's so cute, we went out w/ a friend of mine and my friend taught her how to wink. So now anytime you wink at her, she "winks" back. But her winking is blinking with both eyes and it's so cute! :)

Another cute thing she does is kiss her babies and says "night night". It's adorable. She pushes the babies in the stroller all over the house, stops, kisses the baby and then moves on. lol

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