Friday, August 20, 2010

I LOVE Corolle

I entered a contest at Corolle and won a doll. My daughter has 1 Corolle, the Calin that we absolutely love. She smells like vanilla and is so cute! My daughter plays with her all day long. And today, her new doll came. I immediately fell in love with her. I named her Pink, since her hair is pink :) It's my favorite part. She has blue eyes and freckles, and long legs and is so adorable! My daughter cuddled with her for a while, but went back to her Calin. I guess that's her first love. :)

I was introduced to Corolle by a friend and thought they were so cute, but pricey.. They usually run anywhere between $25-30+... I decided to "Invest" on one to try it out and it was SO worth the investment. My daughter only plays w/ her Corolle. :) I'm not a HUGE fan of dolls you can buy locally, but once you own a Corolle, you just can't go back. :) I will be buying plenty more as my daughter gets older.

Check out the Corolle homepage for more dolls! You will fall in love!

BTW can I just say that I am so loving this pink doll :) I still can't believe I won it... It's very exciting...

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