Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hard week

This week has been one of the most difficult we've had in a while. I've had all sorts of emotions running through me at one point or another this week: worry, anxiety, overwhelmed, exhausted... On Monday night we took my daughter to the ER with swollen lips. We were afraid that her throat would swell up, as we thought she had an allergic reaction to something. While waiting for 3+ hours, her feet swelled up and so did her left hand. The ER doctor gave her some steroids and said it was an allergic reaction. The next morning (Tuesday) she woke up with a swollen eye (almost completely shut) and a rash on her legs and tummy. So, we went to her peds. We found out it was not allergies, it was viral.
The prescription, lots of TLC (mommy doesn't mind that one). He said the rash would only get worse before it got better. Sigh, it is so hard to see your little one sick. On Tuesday, at different points of the day, both her eyes were swollen, one of them completely shut. It looked like she had gotten in a fight... Thankfully by today, all the swelling has gone down, but the rash keeps spreading. It's very hard to see her like this.

Thankfully this has not stopped her from being her hyper self, most of the time. There are moments where she comes and sits with mommy and cuddles. I've also gotten to rock her to sleep 2 nights in a row, which is so sweet! I miss those days. Only problem is that the first night, she didn't go to sleep until 3. Last night, midnight.. :) Anyways, I guess worry comes with motherhood. This was the first "big" sickness we've had to deal with... We were very thankful that it was viral and not some type of allergy. We're just ready for her to get better.

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