Monday, January 10, 2011

Life with 2

As you can see, I have not kept up with this blog, or my bow shop. I am almost 10 weeks pregnant and this has been so much harder than my first pregnancy. I cannot wait till this trimester is over. I've suffered morning sickness and migraines for the better part of these past 2 months. My morning sickness, like with my first, is in the evening time. Which makes cooking dinner highly difficult. I have almost no energy these days, I preserve most of my energy to take care of my toddler and clean the house. I miss making hairbows, and hopefully I'll have the energy soon to get back to it. I have tons of ideas, just no energy to make anything.

Whenever we go out now, I look at families with double strollers and multiple children and I think "That's me in less than 9 months". It's very exciting, but a little scary to think about. I've always been terrified of having 2 kids, I'm worried that I won't be able to handle it. Which I know it'll be fine. I know that there will be hard days but most definitely more fun days! I am excited to see my baby girl in the role of big sis. She loves babies, we'll see how she does w/ a permanent baby in the house. :)

Any moms out there have any advice for me? Maybe on how to handle the next 7 months, and then the first few months with 2 kids...



    Hope the morning (noon and night) sickness passes soon. Have you discussed this with you OB?
    Sorry that I can't offer much in the way of advice as my 3 girls are all grown up now and have families of their own. Things seem to change with time and much of my advice would be outdated. All I know is that mothers all seem to manage somehow and so will you. Once the baby gets here you'll soon fall into a routine and with a tiny bit of practice you'll feel like an old pro at raising children. :)
    Do you know if you're carrying a boy or a girl? I've heard that because of the difference in hormones women have a harder time while pregnant with a boy ... might just be an old wives tale !
    Take care, be sure to rest because if your body says you tired ... it means it.

  2. We dont' know what we're having yet. I can't wait though. :)

    Thanks. :) I have not talked to my OB yet. When I saw him I hadn't started feeling sick yet. So I'll have to talk to him next time.

  3. sorry you've been so sick! that makes it SO hard with a little one at home. honestly, when i thought about it before haden was born i just didn't know how it would all work... but it just does. with time you'll figure out the new baby. and your toddler will adjust. and you won't be able to imagine life any different. it's not always that easy... but the good stuff totally outweighs all the hard times. you'll be GREAT!

  4. Congrats!!! That is so exciting! Morning sickness is the absolute worst but it's a necessary evil haha