Thursday, January 13, 2011


Oh my word I have been freezing! Normally I like winter, but we've had to turn our thermostat way down (68 F) b/c our electric bill was WAY high! I HATE it! I want my heater turned up and I want to be toasty and warm. Alas, we can't keep paying a high electric bill every month.
I am so cold that I wear 2 pairs of socks, fleece pants, and a fleece hoody and I'm still cold. I don't think this affects my toddler at all. lol When we go to sleep, we have a down blanket, which does not keep me as warm as I'd like. But if I am busy doing stuff during the day I freeze. We have hardwood floors and an 80+ year old house. Any suggestions on how to keep the house warm w/out turning the heater up? I am desperate for warmth!! lol

I think I may get one of these..


  1. I keep my heat on 69 at night and turn it to 71 when I get up. But, soon after I start moving around, I turn it to about 67 because I get so hot! It is weird because I have never been hot in my life! I think it is because I spend most of my day in the front part of our house and it is warmer. I say go ahead and go for the Snuggie. As silly as they look, they do seem to be very practical. My husband really wants one!

  2. We have an old place too (100+) with big high windows and it's totally freezing. We have to keep our heat at 68. I recommend window insulating films ( and thermal blinds. It helps!