Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mommy Corner

Lately my daughter has been a trip. The things that come out of her mouth crack me up!
I really need to start writing these down b/c I always forget them all. lol

A couple of weeks ago, I put her in the car and we were all set to go out, but the car wouldn't start. She was so excited to go out, so I had to take her out of the car and she was not happy. I told her that the car was boo boo and daddy needed to fix it. She says "mommy I fix it. What's gonna work, team work!" It was so sweet and genuine, melted my heart! :) The team work part is from Wonder Pets. :) So I guess she's learning something good from TV ;)

Daddy's favorite is when she says "ow my butt" hahaha! She HATES a dirty diaper and complains and whines until we change her. I laugh SO hard at her.

Her favorite phrase is "Mommy what are you doing?" I hear that ALL day long! It can get a bit annoying, but it's pretty funny.. She asks us that constantly and we just patiently answer her, well, most of the time. ;)

Anytime a song comes on TV, we have to get up and dance, she loves to dance :)

Also, the best is when she sees me cleaning, she wants to help. She has her own little play broom and always "helps" me sweep. She LOVES to help and it's just too sweet. If she spills something she won't let me clean it, she insists on cleaning it, and I let her. She usually does a pretty good job. I hope she stays this way ;)

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