Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Etsy finds...

Have you seen Giftsewfine?
I love that shop! I recently got my daughter an outfit from there. My daughter's 2nd birthday was last week, she had a Minnie Mouse party. Then we also took her to Disney, and she wore the same outfit for Magic Kingdom and got TONS of compliments. I mean, everyone that saw her just complimented her nonstop. As her mommy, I LOVED all the attention she got :) She is of course the prettiest little girl ever (I'm not biased at all)... lol Anyways, want to see what she wore?

While we were sitting here, this older lady sat next to us and said that she was the prettiest little girl in the park that day ;)

Happiest place on earth! :)

Click here to see this outfit and more! You will fall in love with this shop!

BTW her jewelry is also Minnie Mouse, stay tuned on where you can get it! It'll be next week's etsy finds :)

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