Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life with 2

This week we've been watching a friend's 18 month old daughter, so I've had my 2 year old and then the 18 month old. I was nervous about how my daughter would react. She does not share mommy well, so I thoughtshe was going to be angry the whole time b/c there was another kid in the house. It is the total opposite! She has been like a little "mama" to our guest and it's so sweet to watch! My daughter wakes up first in the mornings, so the first thing she asks for is her friend. :) It's been great! Being that I only have 1 kid, I've learned some new things about being a "Mom" to 2 this week:

- Meal times are hectic. I don't eat until after they have eaten and been cleaned up. It's a constant race back and forth to the kitchen to get more... Am I alone in this?

- They always want the same toy

- They always want to be held at the same time

- If one wakes up crying, so will the other

- There is NO time for mommy to be selfish. I already had very little time to myself w/ 1, with 2, that's almost impossible. :)

- As much as I hate to say this, TV can be a wonderful aid when I need some sanity. lol

- Dressing up the girls to match is a LOT of fun! :)

- Cuddle times on the couch times 2 is even sweeter :)

- Laundry and dishes pile up quick if I'm not careful

- My daughter "Tries" to help, which is sweet, but not so much helpful

- Bedtime is awesome! lol Especially when they go to sleep right away.

There's a lot that doesn't change from 1 to 2 kids. But all the craziness and business is SO worth it! Our little guest leaves sometime tomorrow, so I'll go back to being a mom of 1. :) Someday I'll have 2 of my own...

I thought this picture was funny! lol


  1. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun though!

  2. It has been really fun! I've always wanted a house full of kids, so it's been great. lol

  3. Aww, I wish I would have seen this earlier. What a cute post! I'm so glad you had fun with my sweet girl. She had fun! I loved the pictures of the two of them. Life with kids, no matter how many, is full of challenges but the best thing in the world!