Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 day woes

As you can see, my blogging has been lagging... I've had a horrible migraine for the past 3 days. I used to suffer from migraines frequently, for about 4-5 years, they would come and last for days/weeks... When I got pregnant, they started getting a bit better, then after my daughter was born, they stopped. Now they have been coming back, sporadically. This week, it started on Sunday, and has stayed for the past 3 days. I haven't been able to do much at all... I am hoping that this is a fluke, and that I can get this migraine to go away and finally be free. Over the counter meds are not helping at all. But to get what I need, I'd have to return to the neurologist, and I am trying to avoid that. lol So we'll see what happens. Did I mention how hard it is to take care of a 2 year old when my head feels like it'll explode!?

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