Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trying to stay organized

When I became a mom, I thought maintaining the house would be a peace of cake, how hard could it be to take care of 1 kid... lol Little did I know!!! Now that my daughter is almost 2, I am still trying to find the balance b/t trying to keep the house clean and maintain my daily chores, and spend time with my daughter. If I spend too much time in the house, I feel like she's not getting enough attention and I feel guilty. If I spend all my time with her, then the house gets neglected and I feel guilty. lol So how do I find the balance!? Something that works for me is keeping a cleaning schedule.

Every day of the week is reserved for a specific chore. Or several specific chores... For example, Mondays, I sweep and vacuum, and I do all the laundry. Tuesdays are also reserved for finishing the laundry (b/c I know that I never finish it all on Mondays) and dusting and mopping... So each day I have some chores that don't take more than 2-3 hours... I usually do it in the mornings. I either have my daughter watch some TV or she has alone play time in her room. And it works, if I keep to the schedule, I feel organized and accomplished everyday. And then the afternoons are reserved for spending time with my daughter and cooking dinner. And she usually "helps" with dinner. Or just plays around the kitchen area... Some days I feel like I find the balance than others. There are always distractions, like the phone, facebook, etsy... lol
What do you feel works for you?

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  1. I wish I could have a schedule like that. I do try to do only laundry on Mondays.
    But then I have to clean as I am having a better day. I wish I could keep my house clean.