Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mommy corner

Yesterday I looked through the past 22 months of pictures of my baby girl. She has changed so much and grown so much so fast! Before her first birthday, when I looked at her birth pictures or pictures of her as an infant, I'd cry so much because it is all such a blur. But now I look at those pictures and smile. I feel so blessed to have a healthy, growing girl. She is at such a fun, and challenging age. I am excited for her 2nd birthday and so excited to continue to watch her grow.
Looking at her baby pictures still makes me a little sad, but I don't cry anymore. I think I just get overwhelmed at how fast everything goes. So I try to enjoy every moment, and make spending time with her fun.

I've also kept a journal since she was born and write down all the "firsts" or the funny things she does. Or I'll just write down a letter to her... I plan to continue writing for as long as possible and give it to her when she's an adult. Maybe for her 18th birthday. I don't write on it everyday, but a few times a month. That way I can go back and read all the entries and remember everything. It's really fun to read back and see all the things she's done.

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