Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mommy Corner- Toddler bed

About a week or so ago I posted about wether or not I felt ready to put my 22 month old in a toddler bed. This past week proved that we may be ready. So we converted her crib, into a toddler daybed. She LOVED climbing in and out. But getting her to stay in it for bedtime is the challenge. :) The first night, we went in 3 times to tell her to go back to sleep. So it wasn't too bad. The next day, it took 1 1/2 hours, 6-8 trips back into her room to get her to nap. Sigh! Then that night, we laid her down to sleep and she crashed right away! Today was day #2 napwise in her big girl bed. Took me 2 hours to get her to sleep.
Those of you who have been there, do you have any advice as to how to get her to go nap and not come out of the bed?

Since we converted the bed, I went ahead and rearranged her room. I LOVE rearranging rooms. I finally found a cute pink rug for her room AND got the cubed shelves I'd been wanting for so long. They were on sale at Target this weekend. :) So now all her toys and books are organized much better and I love it. Better yet, she loves it b/c it's more easily accessible for her and easier to clean up :)

New shelves, I just love these!!!

Big girl bed :)


Her room is still a work in progress. I've been doing it and redoing it since before she was born. lol On the wall above her toy shelf, we're going to put up some paintings that daddy is going to make.
The toy chest at under the window will also serve as a window seat.. Nona is making the cushion as we speak... That was the first thing I thought of after we found out I was having a girl... It's been 2 years in the making. :) I'm a bit slow...
AND I'm buying some different decorating knick nacks for the top of her dresser and stuff..

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  1. Such a cute room! You did a really reat job on it so far.

    As far as sleeping goes the best thing to do is stick with it. Every time she gets out of bed go in and put her back in it. Keep up the repetition and in time she should learn that when it's nap time or time for bed at night she is to stay in bed. Maybe setting up the baby monitor in there so you can hear if she's getting up or not will help you.