Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mommy Corner

As my daughter gets older (22 months now), I am noticing that she wants to be more and more independent. She has always been very strong willed and I've always noticed that she is independent. But lately, she is even more so. And the child has no fear! It scares me. I was not like that, so at this age it scares me b/c she can get herself in a lot of trouble. I HATE how independent and fearless she is. BUT my husband has told me that is how God has made her and it may be that when she's an adult, she'll need to be this way. I worry about everything, everything overwhelms me. She is such a sweet little girl and so loving. And she is not shy at all. She will talk to anybody, which frustrates me. She will go up to people at the mall play area and ask them to pick her up. Thankfully they don't and I watch her like a hawk b/c I run if anyone tries to touch her. :) Yes, I am THAT mom. I guess I wish she was a little bit shy... She has such a fun personality, but as I've said, parts of that scares me.

Anyways, for happier news, we have recently taken her to Disney where she got some little toys with the playhouse Disney characters. She LOVES it. It's all she plays with, all day long. She lines them up on the coffee table and names them over and over again. It's the cutest thing. Her favorite is Handy Manny. She goes around singing the song, "do do do do Handy Manny..." But it's the one song she knows all the words to. :)

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