Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today I had a dentist appt for a filling. I HATE the dentist, but I finally found one that I really like. I have always been terrified of them and along with my fear of needles, it makes going a nightmare. Today, I did a filling with no anesthesia at all. :) I've come a long way! Everything went fine, I was not afraid, there was no pain. I LOVE my new dentist. He has even noticed and commented on how less scared and nervous I seem. :)

What are you scared of? Do you have any weird phobias? :) I am terrified of needles, blood, clowns, bugs.. I have more quirks, but I'll spare you. I want to know what your fears are...

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  1. I don't mind the dentist, but I can't stand having blood drawn or my eyes examined!!!