Monday, July 19, 2010

Mommy corner

On Tuesdays I'll be posting about my experiences as a mom. I'll try to share some wisdom too, but I think I am lacking in that department. lol
I am a mom of a 20 month old girl. I LOVE it. :) I love how girly she is, and she loves wearing jewelry and bows. Some days she'll even pick out her own bow, and I'll let her wear it at home, even if it doesn't match the outfit.

My daughter has recently discovered a new love for letters. She knows a few of them and their sounds. She'll even point out letters when we go out as she sees them on billboards and such.
I recently went to Target (gotta love that place) and found the magnets that is the alphabet to put on my fridge. She loves it. She stands there pointing out letters and sounds while I cook and stuff. It's great to keep her occupied. I never thought I'd be one of those moms that has tons of magnets on her fridge. I hate it. lol But what can I say, I love my little girl and her thirst for knowledge, so yes, I'll put up with letters and such on my fridge. :)

Alphabet magnets $1
Hours of entertainment, priceless!

Ps. I know she's not wearing a bow, shame on me, right?! lol


  1. Hey I can see the fridge farm!!!! Lucy has one of those too and she loves it!!!

  2. lol yeah she loves that thing too. :)

  3. Adorable! M is weird, she likes cars and purses. lol