Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My 20 month old loves the alphabet. She loves letters. So I've been printing 1 letter a day for her to color. I've also had her glue tissue paper to letters so she could do something different. She really enjoyed the glue :)

If you'd like to print some for yourself, click here.

To continue her letter learning, I also bought the magnetic alphabet and put it on my fridge. She loves playing with the letters and identifying them. And we also let her watch Leap Frog's Letter Factory. She LOVES it!

I was an art teacher in an elementary school for 1 year (before I became a mom). One of the MANY websites I used for crafts was DLTK. I plan on using this site to find stuff to do with my daughter. She's a bit young for a lot of stuff, but with time I'll be able to do lots of stuff with her! :)

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