Monday, February 13, 2012

Date night

Hubby and I NEVER celebrate Valentine's day on the 14th.. It's usually the 12th or 13th.. This year, we decided to just do it during the weekend. There is a restaurant close to our house that is all brick, it has white lights all over and it's an old part of town, our favorite area in our town. I've been dying to eat there, so my mother in law came and watched the girls and we went out to eat. We haven't been on a date since baby sister's birth, 6 months ago. I didn't struggle with leaving her as much as I did w/ my firstborn 3 years ago. But it was a little odd being out and not having a diaper bag or a cute little one in my arms. It was so nice being out! We were only gone for about 2 1/2 hours. We went out in b/t feedings, because she is only nursed.
Our meal was nice, and then we ended up at Target. lol We bought lady and the tramp for the girls, then we went to Starbucks... So at Target and Starbucks I totally got checked out. With my husband next to me! I told him it was his fault for buying me a low cut shirt. hahaha Though I'm pretty sure the guys at Starbucks were checking my outfit, but my cute husband. lol

Earlier on Saturday my husband went to work some overtime. He's been studying to get a new license. When he came home, he had my favorite flowers, Tulips. :) And he brought the girls some red flowers. Big sissy loves flowers.

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