Friday, June 25, 2010

Shopping on etsy!

A few weeks ago, 2kute listed the cutest shoesies for babies. I instantly fell in love. But my baby is now 19 months old and can't just wear any shoes... So I thought, hey why not wear them at home as slippers. She LOVES LOVES to wear shoes, and I don't want her wearing her regular shoes at home, so she loves these because they look like shoes, but are soft and comfy enough just to chill at home. It is SO good! And SO SO cute! After bath time, I always put these on my daughter, and she loves to show them off around the house. :)
Aren't they so cute on?!


  1. awww thanks :o)
    and when she comes here she wants more of them LOL

  2. hehe, what can I say, the girl has good taste. And she loves shoes! :)

  3. I like my crocheted sock/slippers too. She has cuter feet than I do tho.


  4. I had Rose made some of those exact same Allies for my niece, Natalie! They are so stinking kute I can't stand it! She absolutely loves them, and so does Aunt Misty :)