Saturday, June 12, 2010


My husband and I both have naturally wavy hair. I straighten mine, he buzzes his hair. :) When our daughter was born, she had no hair.. Now that it's growing, we are not sure what her hair will look like. She has really thick hair, and now the back is curling up. She gets lots of compliments. Although I think it's cute, it is almost unmanageable. lol I constantly spray the back of her hair with the frizz spray and brush it... It is cute though, isn't it!? lol

What is your favorite way to do your daughter's hair? I LOVE pigtails. Absolutely my favorite. It is a bit difficult sometimes to part and brush her hair b/c she doesn't sit still, but I just love coming up w/ new bows for pigtails and love putting them on her. :) My favorite are the korker bows for pigtails...

I'm so excited that her hair is getting long and can't wait till I can do more styles. :) And she has TONS of bows to choose from :)


  1. I think pigtails are my favorite, but M almost never lets me do it. So I usually end up just pulling her 'bangs' up and out of her face, since they cover her eyes now. I refuse to cut it, though, until she's at least 2.

  2. I agree, S has bangs on her eyes too, but I don't want to cut it. lol