Monday, March 19, 2012


7 1/2 months ago, this little beauty was born. She changed my world forever and I just love her to pieces. When she came out (I had a c-sec) I couldn't immediately see her, so once my doctor said "she's out" my first question was, "does she have hair?" He said "a head full of black hair". I was so excited b/c my first daughter was so bald. lol So she was finally placed in my arms and I was in love.

They of course took her to the nursery and then I had to get stitched up and placed in recovery for an hour. Then I was taken to my room. They brought baby sis to me and I finally got to just hold her and stare at her. I LOVED her black hair and then I noticed, the thing that makes her unique. On her left side, she has blonde sideburns. It is SO cute, and I just love it! I then just stared at that blonde little patch and looked at her eyes. Her left eyebrow and eyelashes are also blonde. When she was a newborn, it looked like she didn't have any hair on that side. lol Now it's more noticeable, but the blonde is still totally there. I LOVE it and love how unique it makes her. I've had several family members point out that she'll hate it when she's older and blah blah... My answer is "this is how God made her and I absolutely LOVE it" :) I hope she loves it too. Now I will say that it does make for some interesting close up shots. ;) But she's still my little beauty! Her auntie says she's like Rogue (from x men).

Can you see it? ;)

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