Monday, March 26, 2012

new toy

I think I'd posted on here before that almost 4 years ago hubby bought me a sewing machine. He bought it as a surprise, didn't know anything about brands, so I ended up with a brother. It was a good first machine, simple and easy to use. But it quickly started giving me problems. Sewing became a nightmare and I avoided the machine. My sewing buddies kept insisting I get a new one.
SO this year hubby told me I could choose a new machine. It took a LONG time, many fb surveys, many review searches, but I finally got one! I went with singer and I LOVE it!!! Now I haven't done any projects with it, but I have sewn for practice. :)
Sewing with a singer is SO different than a brother. I compare it to buttering toast w/ frozen butter (the brother) and soft butter (the singer). haahaha

The singer has top loading bobbin which is FABULOUS! and automatic needle threader. It is AMAZING!!!!!

Once we're done w/ spring cleaning, I'll be sewing like crazy! :)

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