Thursday, March 1, 2012

2kute's birthday

For those who don't know, 2kute is my mom. :) The 28th was her birthday. My sister and I got some pizza, salad, cake and we went to her house to celebrate.
My daughter has been waiting for Nana's birthday for a month. We went to the store and got some roses for nana, then my toddler wanted to get plates, cups, napkins... She wanted to buy a ton of celebration decorations, it was so cute. I let her pick some things, because she was having so much fun planning Nana's birthday. :) I'll leave her in charge of party planning from now on ;)

Some decorations my daughter picked out. Sadly at some point in the party she was playing w/ nana's balloon with her big cousin and the thing popped. lol

2kute's favorite flowers are roses, so we got her some...

My sis made a low fat chocolate cake. It was SO good!

The older grandchildren helping blow out the candles :)

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  1. low-fat chocolate cake? sounds like a great birthday to me!