Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh brother...

About 4 years ago my sweet hubby wanted to surprise me for my birthday and gave me a sewing machine. I had been wanting a sewing machine, I was 7 months pregnant and had just become a housewife :) I wanted a new hobby. So hubby came home w/ a basic model brother sewing machine. I was so excited and began sewing right away. My first project was a blanket for hubby. Since then I have had nothing but problems w/ my machine. It's just gotten worse and worse. I can't use any colored thread, only white. The thread knots up, or it comes unthreaded from the needle mid project, the fabric gathers and so much more. It's become such a PAIN!
I've been looking for a new machine but can't decide on one. Anyways, this week I set out to make 2 dresses, one for each girl. My machine had been almost unusable. I was able to finish the first dress with a few problems and frustrations, but tonight I worked on the 2nd dress. Oh my word, there were tears, sweat, prayers, frustrations, anger, agony, defeat and so much more. I gave up, and restarted many times through out the day. Finally tonight I got the machine to work again and finished the dress. It has some mistakes in it, mainly b/c of the machine crapping out on me. BUT no matter, it is done, and thankfully pillowcase dresses are forgiving. :) No one will be looking that close anyways.
This will be the last project on my brother, as I will be getting a new machine this week. :)

My girls ended up with 3 Easter dresses this year. My sister gave them a gorgeous torquoise dress, then my mother in law gave them a really pretty flower print dress that will be perfect for the spring season. Both dresses could be worn for church on Easter, it's hard to pick. lol
Then I made the above dress, just for them to wear out and stuff. :) I loved the Easter bunny print, and they have a matching bunny bow ;)


  1. oh my word! those are absolutely adorable!!! now that I'm going to be home for a while I've got to pull my sewing machine out and figure out how to sew better. and after seeing these adorable dresses, I'm determined to make cute clothes :)

    you did an AWESOME job!

  2. Thank you so much! It's been so fun to make matching dresses :)