Monday, December 26, 2011


Holidays are always stressful.. I've decided that I am going to do what I want with my family, and the grandparents and other family members just need to work around it. Hubby and I each have a sister. Each sister have inlaws.. There are way too many families to make happy and it gets too stressful. I want to enjoy my husband and daughters.. So this year, I chose not to get stressed. lol

It was a good day. On Saturday we spent all day home, cleaning and baking. My girl loves to help me bake, it's the sweetest thing. I made a chocolate chip pumpkin pie and a triple layer chocolate cake, all made from scratch. I haven't baked this way in about 5-6 years. lol My baby girl was right there with me, watching and helping.

We also made cookies for Santa and a ginger bread house. :) She had so much fun and was worn out by bedtime.

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