Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mommy Corner-"Normal"

Well this week brings back some "normal" in our house. Last Monday night, my daughter got sick with a stomach bug. By Tuesday night, she had shared with me. I was miserable!!! Then Thursday my husband got it... So we all just laid in bed or the couch, watched TV and drank ginger ale and gatorade... The nice thing was that I got lots of extra cuddle time with my baby girl. :) AND I lost weight!!! That is the only positive. It's been 1 week and I still can't eat much. There are certain foods that don't sound good, so I'm still a little limited in what I eat. Not even coffee has sounded good to me. My tummy is still settling, slowly. I'm also trying to get the house back to normal, cleaning and getting my daughter back in her routine. Her sleep routine is finally back to normal. Now I just gotta get her away from the TV. 1 week of nothing but watching it has made her a bit of an addict. lol I am ready for normal again!!!