Thursday, October 14, 2010

Love the smell of fall

My mom recently got these tarts from mbell and shared some with me. I don't have a warmer and went out and bought one for the sole purpose of these tarts. My mom and sister both had these tarts and raved for days about how their house smelled of fall. I wanted that smell in my house, ergo, I bought the warmer. I loaded up my warmer with my new tart and went on to do some chores, forgetting my warmer was on. After a little while I started smelling this amazing fall smell, and realized that my warmer was on. :) I turn it on every night when I feel the need to sit in my living room and relax and "feel" the fall. I sip my coffee and just enjoy the pumpkin scent. I'll need to purchase some more soon, before I run out. ;)
Check out mbell's shop for tarts, candles and more...


  1. ahhhh, the smell of FALL. Sounds wonderful!

  2. I've seen your mom raving about these on FB and now YOU TOO?!?! Okay I'll have to go check them out!!!