Thursday, October 7, 2010


I must admit, I have a certain addiction to coffee. When I was working, the only thing that would get me through the day was coffee. I was drinking 5+ cups a day... Then my doctor told me to cut back. I switched to drinking 1/2 a cup in the morning and sometimes 1/2 a cup in the afternoon... I'd split 1 cup to trick myself into believing I had more than just the one cup. lol Then I became a stay at home mom, and I started drinking 2 cups a day.. Somedays more, somedays less. THEN in July, came the keurig... Now, as much as I LOVE coffee, I HATE making it. :)

So, I am in love with the keurig. I love all the options of different coffees, choosing which ones to buy is always a challenge. And with all the different flavors of coffee out there, I like to try different creamers with it. There's always at least 2 different types of creamer in my fridge, right now I actually have 3. :) Coffee Mate and I are BFF's... I LOVE LOVE LOVE their Belgian chocolate Toffee creamer. I put that in any chocolate flavor coffee and it's the best of both worlds!
I've also recently purchased the Italian Sweet Creme and it's divine. It takes so good w/ the Cinnamon roll coffee. The last one I bought was peppermint mocha. I'm not a huge fan of peppermint, but it looked so good and reminded me of Christmas, so I had to buy it! :)

The toughest decision I have to make in the mornings is which flavor coffee and creamer to choose from. :)

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  1. I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw this post pop up on my feed. You are so hilarious with your coffee, girl! Just so you know, I went from one coffee addict roomie to another-- Lance has to have it first thing!! :)