Saturday, December 19, 2009


Ok, so I think little girls look adorable in their hairbows. Lately I've felt that whenever I go out, my 13 month old daughter looks MUCH better than me. She has all these cute outfits, cute shoes, earrings, matching bracelet, ring and of course, a hairbow! Me, jeans, tshirt, flip flops (I live in Florida). My closet is empty, as my body shape has dramatically changed due to the wide birthing hips and the big booty that will no longer fit in a size 4 :(... It's been hard to care what I look like. BUT when my baby girl is better dressed and accessorized than me, I realize it's time for a change. SO I've started making some cute hair accessories for the moms! Which also works for young girls who are not moms and who just want to look cute. After all, why do babies get to be the only one's that wear bows!? :)
What do you think? I have lots more ideas, it's just finding the time to make it happen...
Christmas headband

Pink bow headband

Black and white bow on a barrette

Safari bow on a barrette

Find these and more bows at BOWquet!

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  1. oh my god - i LOVE LOVE these elastics and new bows!! I'll have to see them in your shop. Adorable.