Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas was here!

I can't believe Christmas is already over... It feels so fast! This year was the first year in a while that my hubby and I really enjoyed the holidays. I told him last night that the reason it was so good, was because our daughter is at such a fun age. She's almost 14 months old and walking around, "talking" and playing with everything! We had such a great time buying her presents, planning for it and watching her open them, we didn't need anything else. In fact, we didn't even exchange gifts. We just spoiled our daughter. On Christmas eve we set up her toys under the tree, it was just so much fun! We bought her a play kitchen, she's been playing in it all morning today. :) And she got a Corolle Calin baby doll. She loves feeding the baby. So sweet! I love girl toys. I've been playing w/ them too... We went and visited both sets of grandparents and aunts and uncles yesterday and they gave her so many toys. Play purse, table and chair set, pack and play for her doll, another doll, play food, play pots and pans, books and so much more... Our car was PACKED with toys.. She was so overwhelmed by it all she didn't even know what to play with first. lol So far today, she's been mesmerized by her kitchen and everything that comes with it. :)

Her kitchen all ready for her!

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  1. Christmas comes and goes so quickly doesn't it? Enjoyed reading about your little one, looks like she was high on Santa's good girl list.
    Next year will be even twice as much fun!