Thursday, December 9, 2010


As you can see, my blog has been neglected all week. Between going out of town earlier this week, catching up on house chores, and dealing with bad news, it's been a rough week. Today has been a very hard day, my heart is just broken. A family friend has unexpectedly passed away and it's been hard to deal with. So I've been taking it easy... But I am sitting at the computer for a moment and wanted to check in w/ the blog world...
On Monday my husband and I took our daughter to Epcot, along w/ her Nona and Poppy. It was FREEZING! But fun! I was pretty happy to be back in my warm home that night. ;) On the way there my mother in law thought it would be a good idea to get my daughter some gloves so she wouldn't be cold. It was a great idea! And I was so thankful that I thought of taking a fleece blankie for her, b/c she stayed bundled up in her stroller. She was warmer than all of us. ;)

all bundled up :)

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  1. I'm so sorry about your friends and will continue to keep them in my prayers. Also praying that you will be able to be an encouragement to them.