Thursday, December 16, 2010

car woes

We are a 1 car family. For the most part it's fine, but somedays it's really hard not to have 2 cars. Earlier this week, our car broke down. SO we have ZERO cars. lol Our mechanic will be seeing it today, so we'll find out if it can be fixed or not.
It is AMAZING how God has taken care of us this week. Sweet friends have offered to take us grocery shopping.. A friend let my husband have his car 1 night so he could get from work and back to work the next day. And this same friend has gone above and beyond, picking up my husband and taking him home, even though he lives on the opposite side of town. My mother in law has also helped out and it's just been amazing how even though we don't have a car, things still have worked out. Now, I'm a bit nervous b/c we really need this car to be fixed today... If not, we'll have to bite the bullet and get another one. Which is only exciting b/c we could get a van ;) BUT I would rather keep our little car a little bit longer, it's paid for! So we'll just see what happens later today. It's just been really neat to see God provide for us this week and have our sweet friends take care of us. :)

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