Saturday, January 2, 2010

New mantle

Well, I have lot of ideas for redecorating my house. I'm not doing anything major, just some minor things to change the look of some rooms... Today, I started with my living room. My mother in law came over and redid my mantle for me. I love it!!!
There are still some things that I will change in the living room, but not changing much...

The mantle before



  1. What a nice change! The stenciling is great - I hope you put the antoque mirrir to another good spot!

  2. The mirror is sitting on the couch.. It'll either go in the hall (I have nothing there now) or my bedroom... I'm still thinking :)

  3. Change is always nice, it seems to refresh our spirits as well as our space. The mantle was nice before the sprucing up but the new look is quite lovely too. Glad to read that you are going to use that grand old mirror in another location, it is far too pretty to end up at the back of a closet.

  4. Oh no I love the mirror, it will be used. :) And I agree w/ you, it was nice before, but I was ready for a change.