Friday, January 22, 2010

February will be here soon!

Are you ready for valentine's day? I can hardly believe it's almost here... Are you making special plans? Usually my honey and I celebrate a day or two before the 14th. It's just way too crazy out there on the 14th, we'd rather go out earlier. :) Where have you gone for valentine's day celebrations? What was your favorite memory? My favorite was the first year my hubby and I were married. He prepared a picnic and took me to my favorite place and we had a picnic, followed by a horse carriage ride. :) My other favorite was 2 years ago when we went to Maggiano's, I LOVE that place! Then we walked around the mall... Last year was also great b/c it was our first year with our daughter. All 3 of us went to my hubby's family's Italian Restaurant and had a great time. My daughter was only 3 months old and slept the whole time. :) I am not sure what we're doing this year, but I know it'll be great. We like to keep it simple, and we always have a good time...
Let me know what your favorite valentine's is...


  1. Valentine's Day? What's that? My hubby doesn't/hasn't ever remembered that it exists. ;) I love him anyway though. :)

  2. No plans here, yet... We don't even know if J's going to have off from work!! (But I'm hoping!)