Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guess what I got!?

Have you ever seen those tiles that you can buy that comes with a saying or with your family name?! I wanted to buy a tile, the cheapest I could find was 12x6, and after S&H and the easel, the total would have come to $45. Now, I am all about saving money, I did not want to pay all that. So I went on my trusty etsy site and set out a search to find a more affordable tile. I wanted it with my last name for my newly remodeled dining room. I went on a search and found something I fell in love with!
For $7, plus $2.50 in S&H I got the vinyl letters and I could put it anywhere I wanted! I ordered it from vinylexpress. Then my dad, being a contractor, had a 12x12 tile he gave me. For FREE!!!! And then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought an easel for the tile to stand on, and spent $3.50 because it was on sale that week for 50% off. SO the tile I originally wanted was $45, with a little creativity, I spent $13 and got something I LOVE. It looks amazing in my dining room! The room is not done yet, but it's almost there. As soon as I get it to how I want it, I'll take pictures! :) Go visit vinylexpress, it's a great shop and you can come up with a bunch of cute ideas for your house! :)

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