Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mantel overhaul

SO pinterest has been my inspiration lately.  BUT I gave my mantel a Christmas makeover and came up with everything all by MYSELF :) Total cost of my makeover $2!
I've always put a garland on my mantel with white christmas lights.. But this year, I not only wanted to add to it b/c it's kind of boring, but I'm in LOVE with everything Santa this year and wanted some reds and stuff. :)
SO here it is:

I had these 3 wine glasses from my halloween craft for my mantel.  I used it rightside up this time ;)  So I filled it with red shredded paper (bought at $1 tree).  I wrapped black ribbon around it and hot glued the ribbon together.  It's NOT glued onto the glass b/c I want to reuse the glasses for other projects.  I glued a rhinestone on there for the belt buckle and it looks like Santa's belly :) 

 I did the same thing with this vase I already had at home.  Don't you just LOVE reusing stuff you have at home?

 And there you have it!  Some life added to the garland.  I already had everything but the red paper at home, so I just bought 2 bags of that for a total of $2 :)  LOVE it! 

 A look at the entire mantel.  I just bought that Santa on sale and I LOVE him! :) The  2 stockings on the left were bought at Target for $1 each about 3 years ago.  I bought iron on letters from etsy.  The 2 pink tutu stockings I made last year for the girls.  I bought the pink stockings at Target for $1 each.  Then I hot glued tulle on there like a tutu and hot glued little rhinestones with the girls initials :)  

Up close of my wine glass santa

 up close of the vase

 My new Santa :)
 On my buffet table in my dining room I have 3 paintings, which I'll have to post later :).  I have my husband's Santa Claus print framed.  Then what you see here are each of my girls handprint Christmas trees.  I found this Santa for 60% off at Joann's, so I paid $5.  I thought this was the perfect spot for him.  I love his beard and he's just so cute. :) 

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