Monday, December 17, 2012

1 week

In 1 week my sweet baby girl will be having minor surgery.  She's had a lesion on her chin since September, and after several doctor's appts, dermatologist, biopsy, and plastic surgeon, it's finally time to remove it off her little face.  I'm SO excited to have her little face back to normal.  But I am freaking out!  I cried all morning after speaking to the doctor's office.  she'll be put under anesthesia, I will have to hand her over and wont' be there with her.  I can barely leave my kids with family, and now I'll be handing her over to a bunch of strangers to cut and slice her.  I KNOW she'll be ok, but I'm a mom.  And I am freaking out. I hate not being able to be there w/ her as she falls asleep with the anesthesia.  I get why I can't be there, I just hate that she won't have mommy holding her and instead she'll be around strangers. :(  I just hope they let me be there with her when she wakes up... For now I'll be on freak out mode until it's done!

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