Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family getaway

Last week we spent the week in Orlando for a family vacation.  It was so nice to getaway.  I got a stomach bug and slept for 2 straight days.  After that it was hard to get around, but I managed to enjoy the rest of our trip.  
Something I really enjoy from our trips, is all the pictures to go through.  I LOVE taking pictures, especially of my family... 

So these are my favorite ones from the week:

My 3 loves at the aquarium

 I sat down to rest my legs and tummy, and there were bees all over the flower beds.  I LOVED getting to take their pictures :)

 I played with the black and white setting of my camera for a few shots

 Using the nighttime setting

 shot of the lake at dusk

 The pool where we stayed was awesome! 

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