Friday, August 3, 2012

12 months

Happy 1st birthday to my sweet baby girl!!! These past 12 months have flown by, we are so incredibly blessed to have this cutie pie in our lives.  So thankful I get to be her mom.  Just looking at her brightens up my whole day!

Sweet baby 6 days old.  I remember the moment I took this picture, I was so overcome w/ joy and happiness at having this new little one in our family.

Our first family picture

 Big 3 month old :)

 8 month old on Easter 

The day of her dedication 2 weeks ago.  

I am one blessed mama!  Birthdays are always a bit hard on me, it's a reminder of how fast time goes by.  But it's also a sweet reminder of how blessed we are, to be able to watch our 2 blessings grow up into beautiful little princesses! God is good and I'm forever grateful that He chose me to be these girls mama. :)

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