Monday, June 4, 2012


Baby sister is now 10 months (on the 3rd).  I can hardly believe it.  She is so sweet and cuddly.
She's a crawling champ and now is dying to walk.  She keeps trying to pull herself up and take steps, I'm so not ready for that! lol
She's recently got 2 new teeth, for a total of 8!  And she likes to use them, to bite mommy, during feeding time.  ouch!  She LOVES her big sister, and no matter how upset she is, big sis can always make her smile.

I am so thankful for this cutie!  I can't believe I'm planning her 1st birthday.  Seems surreal to me.  I'm excited to watch her grow.  Totally bittersweet, but it's so fun to watch her little personality come out.  

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  1. OMG! She is getting so big-and so stinkin' cute! We're planning a 1st bday party around here too and it makes me just a little sad-but then incredibly grateful for having such a happy, healthy baby :)