Tuesday, January 31, 2012

School time A-B

My 3 year old has known her alphabet since she was 18 months old, she can count to 20, she knows her colors, shapes and so much more that I can't remember. I've started "school" with her like 3 times. lol Because we'll be homeschooling, I want to start training her at a young age that we will have a daily school time. 3 weeks ago I started doing "school".. We are very laid back with it, but she LOVES it. I am doing 1 letter a week, teaching her things that start w/ each letter, and trying to teach her to write them, though she is not a fan of writing yet. lol She has some pre k books that my mom gave her that she loves to work on. Every day, no lie, she comes to me with her books and says "mom will you teach me something". I love it, and just can't say no to that. lol

I do not have any pictures from A week. But we just colored some pages, ate animal crackers and that was about it. It was my first week and I couldn't come up with anything.

B week, we did some coloring, gluing activity (she LOVES to glue), read some books and more.

We also do a Bible verse a week, starting with our letter.
Thankfully I have a friend who is inspiring me and helping me. She's 2-3 weeks ahead of me, so it's been fun to pick her brain. :)

Making a Bee with the letter B

It's a B :)

We had a grab bag with "b" things... I will do this weekly for each letter.

Butterfly with buttons. Again, she loves working with glue and different mediums. :)

Displaying our A and B sheets.

This week we are on C. We're having a blast w/ it! :)

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