Saturday, January 14, 2012

kitchen remodel

We live in a 1930's house, we love it! When we bought the house, I HATED the kitchen. The countertops and walls were avocado green. bleh I HATE the color green. We've been in this house for about 5 years, and last December (2010) my dad (he's a contractor) gave me a wonderful Christmas present. New countertops! They are marble and beautiful! This past week (yes 13 months later) he came back to do the backsplash. He picked everything out, I LOVE it! There are still some minor things to be done, and I really want to redo our floors soon. The opposite wall, facing the sink has a small patch of countertops and my stove.. No backsplash there. lol

Before backsplash


How it was before we remodeled


  1. The very first benefit of using recycled glass countertops is getting an setting-friendly household material. This is since manufacturers want not to eliminate any all-natural assets identified in the surroundings just to make this item in contrast to producing granite or marble counters.

  2. Our house was built in 1847 ;) We just painted our kitchen white this summer and LOVE how it turned out! The countertops and backsplash are our next task!