Friday, October 21, 2011

busy, tired, stressed...

So having 2 kids is more overwhelming than I ever thought. I haven't been able to get much done lately, other than taking care of kids. I am not complaining at all, I love motherhood. I love my girls. I am exhausted. Baby girl still hasn't been sleeping through the night. She is whiny and clingy and loves being with her mama. I love it! :) BUT it makes getting anything done very difficult. I have been trying to get back to crafting, and it has not worked out. Anytime I try to do any sewing or anything, one or both kids need me. The house hasn't been properly cleaned, I barely ever cook dinner. I've been struggling to adjust to having 2 kids. I love it, but it is the most overwhelming and exhausting job. It's also the most rewarding. My oldest comes to me randomly and says "mommy I love you so much" and my baby flashes me a big grin just out of the blue. I love it! It totally melts my heart.

I look forward to when I feel normal again. I haven't felt like myself in months, I have a hard time finding energy and motivation. I know it's just for a time. I love watching my girls grow and I know soon they won't be little anymore. So I gotta take advantage of all the special moments. :)

The other day, big sis asked to hold baby sister and it was the sweetest sight EVER! Baby sister just loves her big sis and was all smiles. Talk about making a mama's heart melt with joy! :)

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