Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New dining room

About 2 months ago my dad came over and painted my dining room accent wall. It used to be a rust/orange color, which I liked, and now it's black, which I absolutely love. I wish I would've painted it a long time ago. It makes the dining room look so much better! I posted some pictures last month of what it used to look like, click here to see them. And now here's my new dining room. It's my favorite room of the house! :)

I love these plates! My mother in law knows me well, and bought these for me. :)

I like having my table set up. I'd still like a nice centerpiece, but don't know what...

Ignore the messy coat rack and pack and play. :)

My sister had these curtains in her closet and she gave them to me. They match perfectly and are so pretty!

My black wall!!! I love this wall. I took the mirror that used to hang in the mantle and put it on this wall. And I got a vinyl made with our name and put on a tile. :) That's my favorite part of the dining room!