Thursday, October 15, 2009

Show Us How Your Life - What do you Make?

Today in Kelly's blog it's "show us your life, what do you make?" day. I love all things girly! So I make bows! :) I love making bows and coming up with new designs. My daughter is my inspiration and has many, many bows. :) I got a bit jealous of her pretty bows, so I started making some cute flip flops for the moms! :)
Check out my etsy shop here to see these and more bows!

Perfect pumpkin for the fall!

Great for that special trip to that magical place!

One of a kind design, daisybug bow!

Cute ladybug for your little bug!

Mom's need something cute too! :)

Great and unique calla lilly

Big pretty flower, can make in almost any color!

For that special little girl, flip flops with matching bow!

These can all be purchased at BOWquet. Happy shopping!


  1. The flipflops are adorable... love um.. great and SO cute items...

  2. oh my gosh love these! They are so cute!
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