Monday, August 10, 2009


Hey everyone, I have a question and would love your input please!!!
I use double prong alligator clips for my bows. I've always lined the clip entirely with grosgrain ribbon to protect the little one's head. My daughter always wore a bow on a headband, well now she has some hair, enough to hold a clip. But I've also discovered that now that she has hair, it holds the clip better if it's not lined. So I've tried to line only the top of the clips and leave the bottom part, where the hair goes unlined and it works great. So my question is, what do you prefer to buy!? completely lined, partially lined (only the top), or not lined at all!? Please share your thoughts, so I can better serve my customers. :)

Thanks a bunch!!!


  1. Well bet you'll get a wide assortment of opinions on this one. But the little alligator clips that are designed for the use in someone's hair (to make pin curls, hold back stray locks or for decorative use) were designed to be used without any lining. Of course that would be especially required if one were using them on wet hair to make pin curls. :D

  2. My little ones are all grown, but I think I would prefer the unlined clips.